Access real-time and recorded footage. anytime, anywhere!
• Secure crucial areas with enterprise-grade cameras installed by trained technician
• Use of video analytics to isolate activities and potential threats
• Keep and retrieve sensitive surveillance footage

Entry Systems / Access Control

Control and monitor access to your facility with innovative technology
• Grant access in numerous ways – keycards, fobs, wrist bands, pin codes, biometrics, and even mobile apps
• Detailed entry logs and smart security alerts keep you informed of who comes and goes, and when in facility and surrounding areas
• Modern UI that makes it incredibly fast and easy to add or remove access

Remote Access / Monitoring

Take your business security with you wherever you go with dedicated apps
• Alarm systems are monitored around the clock to assist in case of an emergency
• Notifications via text or email alert you of any emergencies or suspicious activity in or around your area of interest
• Access commercial security system features like surveillance footage and event data from anywhere

Automated Door Locks

Verify that only approved personnel enter your property with automated door locks
• Keyless entry systems integrate with your building automation system
• Outfit inventory areas and server rooms with automated locks for added security
• receive alerts when anyone enters or leaves your premises

Motion Detection

Guard your property against intrusion at all times with strategic motion sensors
• Ensure a proactive level of defense with sensors that monitor movement 24/7
• Lock external doors, turn lights on and activate the alarm when motion is detected
• Instantly receive an alert when motion detectors go off in sensitive areas

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